S&S Appointment Booking

We are so excited that you have chosen us to be your hair home! Convenience for you is one of our #1 priorities.  Feel free to visit our online booking site below to schedule an appointment from anywhere, anytime! You can choose your Stylist, see all available time frames and choose what works for YOU!  We send out automatic reminders so you never have to worry about forgetting your appointment.  And unlike other salons, we do not require a you to put a credit card on file for booking. All we ask is that, if you do need to cancel or reschedule please do so within 24 hours of your appointment time.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon! And THANK YOU for making us your hair home! 




*We do all of our appointment booking online.  We do not book appointments over the phone or on Facebook.  


*WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS FOR SERVICES. We will redo a service but only if our chemical release form is signed and our after care instructions are utilized and upheld. 


* If you selected a time frame and it says that there are no available spots that day please try a different stylist, day or time. 



* If you are scheduling an appointment more than 1 week out it is a possibility that we will need to change your day, time or stylist preference due to scheduling conflicts. If this arises we will call, text or email you with the updated appointment and other options. Please be aware of changes after booking. 


*we require you to be on time for your appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late we will not be able to serve you due to our limited availability.  We usually book out 2-3 weeks in advance and we need to make sure that all of our other appointments are able to be serviced on time. 


* 2 "No call, No Show" appointments missed will require us to not be able to schedule you any further appointments. We will ask that you come directly into the salon for a "walk in, same day" appointment if this has happened. We do require you cancel your appointment with in 24 hours of your scheduled time if you cannot make it. You can do that by going to your booking conformation email or text or by calling 816-384-4209.  


*Spots are first come first serve. If you want to secure your spot make sure to book your appointment, we cannot hold slots for anyone with out a proper booking. 


*We do not schedule appointments over the phone.  All of our appointments must be booked online. 

Commonly Asked Questionsan

* Should I wash my Hair? 

   contrary to popular belief, your hair does not have to be dirty prior to a chemical service. If you would like to wash your hair before coming in that is fine. If you want to come in with dirty hair that is fine too, it makes absolutely no difference in our coloring process.


*Can I bring my children? 

      Yes, you may bring your children to a service.  We ask that if you bring them to a service lasting longer than 15 minutes that they are old enough to sit still and be occupied for a long period of time.  If you are getting a chemical service, you will be unable to move around during lengthy periods of time and they may not be fully supervised. We do not allow them to run in our salon, play with retail items or equipment or be left unattended.  


* Can I pick a different Model number while in?  

  Yes!  We can change up your model number while you are in. The pricing is set as long as you go with one of our pre selected pictures.  After you have done a model color you will get that pricing forever even if you go with something completely different next time. But to achieve the model pricing we cannot deviate from the pictures on your first round.  If you picked a model color and come

in wanting something not pictured at all, the price will be our full pricing.  


* What if I don't like my hair?  

  We ask that you contact us within 24-48 hours of your service if you are unhappy with it so we can fix it.  We do not offer refunds for any service.  If you do not follow our after service directions you will void any chance for a redo service.  You will be given a care sheet prior to leaving. 


* How are your products different from Walmart's?  

  We use the best salon quality products we can get our hands on.  Just because it says it's a salon worthy product doesn't mean it's true.  Our products will extend the life of your hair and chemical services.  Our chemicals are not guaranteed if you haven't purchased one of our color safe products.  


* Will my face be in the pictures you take? 

  No, we do this for privacy for all of our clients.  We only take a back and side view of your hair.  


* I have curly hair, should I straighten it before my color? 

  No! We need to see how your hair lays when it's natural. If you straighten it you could end up with lines of color demarcation after we have applied the color.  


*Can you give me the formula for my chemical service? 

  No, we cannot. We keep this information in your file but we cannot release it to the public.  


* Do you take checks? 

No, we take credit cards, debit cards and cash. 


*Should I tip my stylist? 

 Yes! If you are happy with your hair please tip!  We suggest a tip of 20% of your service. If you don't like your hair please don't tip! It leaves the stylist confused if you complain about your hair later. 


* I want a specific stylist but it says they are unavailable. Can I still get them to come in and do my hair on my schedule? 

  No,  if it says they are unavailable it's because they are booked up or off.  We book out 2-3 weeks in advance.  Sometimes we can work someone it but usually it's very slim pickings.  If you wanted (for example) Kalyn to do your hair, you made the appointment and you had to cancel it and want to reschedule for next week she may not have anything available for 2-3 weeks.  


S&S Chemical Policy Rules and Regulations take home sheet 

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