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By: Kalyn Goode, owner of Scissors & Shears

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3/19/20 Ravishing Rambling Story Time (to view more articles please visit www.RavishingRambling.com)

Oh my goodness you guys it has been a week! A long, terrible, sad and scary week. I know you all are going through the exact same thing. But I want to assure you that you're not alone and everything will be okay. I promise. I know it's a hard and kind of sketchy out there right now but I know, deep down in my soul we are going to pull through this. You are going to pull through this. I am going to pull through this. And we're going to come back with a vengeance.

Our whole planet is now at war with an enemy we can't see. A big, mean, skilled killing enemy named Covid-19, the coronavirus. My head just can't seem to wrap its self around it and my heart really can't take much more. So I've decided to treat this as a mandatory vacation and try to spread as much cheer as I possibly can.

Ravishing Rambling's sister company, Scissors & Shears Salon LLC has decided to close its doors until our state of Emergency, recently declared in our city, is lifted. To know more about that please visit www.ScissorsShearsSalon.com but with that being said we have some fun things that we will be collaborating on! And I'm kind of excited about it. And honestly, who couldn't use a little excitement right now?

Starting Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 we will be starting our small video segments, on the Scissors & Shears Salon Facebook page (@ScissorsShearsSalonLLC) directed toward the little people of our community! We will be reading bedtime stories to all of our kiddos around the USA and the world if they chose to tune in.

We will also be adding many more hair tutorial videos from our staff and some really fun giveaways, like our 12 days of Easter! Even though the salon isn't open for business right at the moment, we are still thinking of you guys and want to remain as involved as we can! I have listed the schedule for what we're now calling our "Ravishing Rambling Story Time" brought to you by me, Kalyn the owner of Scissors & Shears below.

I hope that you can have your littles tune in and find some happiness in some of the books we've chosen. Some may ask why I decided to do this instead of focusing strictly on hair with S&S and the lifestyle blog with RR. My answer is simply this: Scissors & Shears didn't start as a dream of being an ordinary hair salon. It's anything but ordinary to be honest with you. It was founded with the idea in mind that we would help provide a safe space for our community and be involved with the ones who matter the most. The Children. This is why in everything we do we always try to give back to the kiddos. And right now, I cannot see any other way to do so since we're stuck inside.

Our children are watching us, guys. It's time we show them this world isn't so dark and people care about them. Especially this girl. I may not know you at all or see you regularly. But I love you. For who you are & what I know you're capable of being. We have got this. We will get through this and we are capable of doing this! Say it again for the people in the back who couldn't hear or say it again just for you.

We. Have. Got. This.

Ravishing Rambling Story Time Segment Schedule:

*All story videos will be published at 7pm each night. You can catch them on the Scissors & Shears Salon Facebook page, the Scissors & Shears Website as well as right here on Ravishing Ramblings! Please tune in and tell us what you think!

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Remember, stay beautiful, stay healthy, wash your hands and stay you. I love you today.

By: Kalyn Weller Goode, Owner and Master Stylist at Scissors & Shears Salon LLC, located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

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